Poster Presentations - Case Reports

Tied for Third Place
3rd Place                                $150.00
Clean, Sober and Short of Breath; A Case of Naltrexone Induced Pneumonitis
Yahia Homsi, MD – IM/Psychiatry, Preceptor:  Hani Nazha, MD
 3rd Place                                $150.00                    A Rare Case of Thoracic Endometriosis
Afua Ofaah Nyanin, MD – OB/GYN, Preceptor:  David Williams, MD
2nd Place                                $250.00
Cold Agglutinin Disease        
Maher Elharake – WVU MS, Preceptor:  Kathleen Bors, MD
1st Place                                $350.00
Termination of Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation with Double Sequential External Defibrillation
John D. Murchison, DO – Emergency Medicine, Preceptor:  Leon Kwei, MD

Poster Presentations - Original Research 

3rd Place                                $150.00
Early steroid withdrawal and 12-month graft function in kidney transplant patients
Vanessa C. Gaerig, PharmD-Pharmacy, Preceptor:  Rebecca Richmond, PharmD
2nd Place                                $250.00
Prognostic Implications of Renal Vein Involvement versus Perinephric Fat Involvement in T3a Renal Cell Carcinoma
Kellen Clark, DO – Urology, Preceptor – Samuel Deem, DO
1st Place                                 $350.00
Validation of Subclavian Duplex Velocity Criteria to Grade the Degree of Stenosis in Occlusive Subclavian Artery Disease
Andrew Sticco, MD – Surgery, Preceptor:  Albeir Mousa, MD

Oral Presentations - Case Reports

3rd Place                                $150.00
Fournier's Gangrene: Clinical Presentation and Co-Morbidities Associated with this Urological Emergency     
Amy Hunt, DO – Emergency Medicine, Preceptor:  Joshua Cusick-Lewis, MD
2nd Place                                $250.00
Clostridium Difficile: Not Just a Cause of Colitis Anymore        
Sarah Bowen, PharmD – Internal Medicine, Preceptor:  James Griffith, MD

1st Place                                $350.00
A Case of Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Triggered by Intussusception Requiring Surgical Correction
Aziez Ahmed, MD – Pediatrics, Preceptor:  Myra Chiang, MD

Oral Presentation – Original Research 

Tied for Third Place
3rd Place                                $250.00
Effect of Proton Pump Inhibitors with Diuretics on Magnesium Levels. Is it Real and Clinically Relevant?
Kuldeep Shah, MD – Internal Medicine, Preceptor:  William Carter, MD
 3rd Place                                $250.00
Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture Treatment in Geriatric Patients: Is There a Difference in Risk of Periprosthetic Fracture Utilizing Long vs Short Cephalomedullary Nails?
Guy Klein, DO - Orthopedics, Preceptor:  Aaron Sop, DO
2nd Place                                $350.00
Outpatient Opioid Prescribing in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: Assessment of Dosing and Efficacy
Srivani Chunchulu, MD – Internal Medicine, Preceptor:  Brittain McJunkin, MD
1st Place                                $500.00
Evaluation of Extended Sterility for Single Dose Vials Attached to an Automated IV Compounding Device
Hannah Hutchinson, PharmD - Pharmacy, Preceptor:  Brian Sayre, PharmD