The cafeteria at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital will begin the cash register areas phase of its remodel on Friday, Oct. 13, in the afternoon. This phase will take a total of three to four weeks, about two weeks for each area.

The main side of the cashier stations will be closed (the side facing the stadium), but two stations will be moved to the east-facing side (by the fourth floor entrance of the southeast tower) for a total of four operating cashier stations.

All customers are encouraged to use the main cafeteria entrance as the cashier area will be exit only.

In order to provide optimal customer flow during the peak lunch time, the WVU Medicine Nutrition Services Department encourages leadership to review their employees’ meal break schedules and, if possible, adjust those schedules to allow employees to go during off-peak hours (11-11:30 a.m. or  any time after 1 p.m.). This will help the congestion in the cafeteria and provide employees on their meal break ample time to enjoy their meal.

Upon completion of the main side of the cashier station remodel (approximately two weeks), work will move to the southeast tower fourth floor entrance side and will last an additional two weeks.

Once both areas are completed, the cafeteria will have a total of six operational cashier stations.