Min Deng, MD

Min Deng, MD, a fellowship trained procedural dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, has started a new cosmetic dermatology clinic at University Town Centre (UTC) on Fridays. Dr. Deng offers a full range of procedures, including:

  • facial rejuvenation/wrinkle remover using one of several filler injections
  • Botox® treatment
  • dermabrasion and chemical peel (superficial and moderate depth)
  • Kybella injection for under-the-chin fat
  • tattoo removal
  • laser and vascular treatment
  • rosacea
  • treatment for acne scars
  • sclerotherapy, small leg veins/spider veins

An appointment is required; call 855-WVU-CARE to make an appointment. The cosmetic clinic requires cash payment in advance of the procedure.

Other dermatologists in the clinic will offer all the procedures above, except for the Kybella, five days a week.