Scribes help hospitals and clinics serve patients

WVU Medicine is looking for talented undergraduates to work in its hospitals and clinics as part-time medical scribes – documenting medical notes and other information for physicians and other health professionals.

WVU student Megan Kessell works as a scribe with WVU Emergency Medicine physician Benjamin Silverberg, M.D.

Scribes work side-by-side with WVU Medicine professionals in the Emergency Department and other busy patient care areas, gaining valuable exposure to healthcare practices and language, and learning skills related to patient interaction.

The position requires completion of two years of college level coursework and good typing skills. It’s been shown to provide students with an advantage in medical school applications.

“Research has shown that students who have worked as scribes score higher on the MCAT exam,” said Caroline Bell, of WVU Medicine. “It’s a great networking opportunity for our students to work closely with residents, providers, and nursing staff.”

Bell says schedulers work with students to make sure they can coordinate work and class time.

WVU Medicine is hiring for both casual (12+ hours/week) and Flex (20+ hours/week) positions in clinical and emergency department roles. Flex roles offer benefits, including health, dental and eye insurance, retirement, and PDO time.

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