As we prepare to say goodbye to another group of students, the School of Public Health invites you to meet some of its graduating class of 2017.

Stephan Brooks

What is your hometown?

Morgantown, WV.

What undergrad degree do you have?

I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology with minor in Communication Studies from WVU.

Stephan - what is Public Health to you?

Public health is the prevention of disease and promotion of wellness. It has a wide scope centered around the health of the population not just the treatment of individual diseases. As public health professionals, we work with communities and populations, we identify the causes of disease and we implement largescale solutions.

So why did you choose to study Public Health?

Public Health’s focus on disease prevention was really appealing to me. After working one-on-one with individuals for years, I realized that addressing any health problem starts with prevention, not just treatment.

What made you choose your specific department?

With my undergraduate degree in psychology, my experience in the field and my focus on improving the quality of life of individuals through behavior change, I thought the department of Social and Behavioral Sciences would be a perfect fit.

Why did you choose West Virginia University?

WVU provided me with the quality education I desire and allowed me to utilize my scholarships. More importantly, I was able to stay close to my family and give back to my community.

What would you tell prospective students about your experience at WVU and the School of Public Health?

My advice to them is to take advantage of this time and expand your knowledge. Learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform quality research.

Reach out to other departments and schools to gain insight into their approach to your interests. Participate in research and volunteer opportunities in the community regardless of your goal after graduation.

What are your plans after graduating?

I intend to find a job opportunity that promote wellness through physical activity and nutrition. Ultimately, I hope to work with young children and adolescents fostering resilience to improve mental, emotional, and behavioral health outcomes.

Have you received any honors or awards during your time in the School of Public Health?

Yes. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from the School of Public Health.

Tell me something unique or interesting about you that others may not know!

I am an avid homebrewer of 10 years.