The Mindfulness Work Group at WVU Health Sciences is pleased to offer Mindful Morsels, a series of talks aimed at providing the community with opportunities to learn more about mindfulness and explore practical applications that can improve our sense of connection and compassion.

Mindful Morsel series will resume at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 5, in the HSC North 2940A. Neal Newfield, PhD will present “Mindful Listening.”

The Institute of Medicine indicates patient outcomes are improved when treatment is a shared endeavor between the healthcare provider and the patient. Often the story that the patient tells and the provider hears are not the same thing. Additionally, patients may not follow through with treatment due to psychosocial obstacles that are not heard and identified. To “hear” requires listening compassionately without judgement, and cognitive imposition of our own beliefs and theories. “Mindful Listening” will be contrasted with our “Auto Pilot Listening”. Meditation practice, while not a panacea, will be presented as an approach useful in becoming better listeners. Mindful listening can result in better relationships and outcomes even with our more challenging patients